Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What is the purpose?

Hello, you can call me Fluffy. This November, for my birthday on the 13th, I will be receiving my first Obitsu Ball Jointed Doll. I already know what I'm naming her and what she's going to be character wise. She's going to be a 27cm K-034 body with a nano-gretel head. She will have a wavy red wig and deep violet 8mm eyes. I ordered her from Junky Spot because it was the cheapest solution. My sister is getting an elf doll for Christmas, so my girl will be alone till then. She'll be named Aleggraccia Ginger Maye Smith. Her character is a sorceress' and human man's daughter, so she is a sorceress as well.

Anyway, on topic. The purpose of this blog is basically a dare my friend gave me. Write about what I do, if I do anything, with my doll. The face up process, the clothing process, the photography... things like that. I doubt many will be interested, but at least I know I have one faithful watcher (my friend).

Thank you for reading this, I will update the process of purchasing supplies for her.

Much obliged-Fluffy Paradigm

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